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the header for IP talk pages တူၺ်းတီႈ Template:IPtalk ၼၼ်ႈၶႃႈလႄႈ။

လွင်ႈၸႂ်ႉတိုဝ်း မႄးထတ်း

  • Returns one of three strings dependent on where placed.
  1. If placed on an IP talk page (any talk page in an IP userspace).
  2. If placed on a talk page of a registered user (any talk page in their userspace).
  3. If placed on a page that is not a user talk page.

တူဝ်ယၢင်ႇ မႄးထတ်း

I have been placed on {{subst:IP-talk|an IP user's|a registered user's|a page that is not a user}} talk page.

{{subst:IP-talk|Create an account! Is kewl!|Now you've registered you can...}}

{{subst:IP-talk||Message for registered user|Statement on article page}}

လွင်ႈမၵ်းၶၼ်ႈ မႄးထတ်း

  • The template invokes Module:IPAddress to discern if the page it's on is that of an IP.

တူၺ်းပႃး မႄးထတ်း