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This template detects whether it is being used on the mobile version of Wikipedia (, and displays different content accordingly.

Rationale မႄးထတ်း

Some features work differently on the mobile website, such as slideshow galleries appearing as ordinary galleries. This template allows better presentation of such content, by e.g. having a "Slideshow" heading when a slideshow is shown, and a "Gallery" heading when a regular gallery is shown.

လွင်ႈၸႂ်ႉတိုဝ်း မႄးထတ်း

{{If mobile|content for mobile website|content for desktop website}}

By default, <span>...</span> tags are used to wrap the specified content. A different tag may be specified using |tag=

E.g. |tag=div can be used if the content contains block-level elements.

တူဝ်ယၢင်ႇ မႄးထတ်း

ၸႂ်ႉတိုဝ်း ပၵတိ မႄးထတ်း

{{If mobile|A mobile user you are!|You are looking at the desktop site}}

Within the Template: namespace မႄးထတ်း

Note that the behaviour is different when within the Template: namespace! (e.g. on this documentation page)

You are currently viewing the {{If mobile|mobile website|desktop website}}.

You are currently viewing the desktop websitemobile website.