This template formats the given text with a strikethrough whose line can be a different color than the text itself. By default, the strikethough line is red and the text is black, but these are separately controllable by passing parameters.

မၢႆတွင်း မႄးထတ်း

  • This template is implemented using CSS. There is no way to have the text be "the default text color" (the current style or skin of the adjacent text). The text color is always set explicitly, either to black or to a passed specific color.
  • For <math> or <chem> equation formatting, the analogous command for strikethrough is \cancel{}, which allows setting the color of the text (with retention of surrounding-style color for the line) but again not setting of the line-color without also having to hardcode the color of the text:

တူဝ်ယၢင်ႇ မႄးထတ်း

Markup Renders as
{{Strikethrough color|deleted}} deleted
{{Strikethrough color|deleted|linecolor=green}} deleted
{{Strikethrough color|deleted|textcolor=blue}} deleted
{{Strikethrough color|deleted|textcolor=red|linecolor=white}} deleted

တူၺ်းပႃး မႄးထတ်း