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{{Strikethrough}} draws a line through the text that is its parameter. This is done by embedding the parameter in an HTML <s>...</s> element, producing output such as: this, i.e. text with a line drawn through its middle. Outside articles, it can be used to mark something as no longer accurate or relevant without removing it from view. Do not use it, however, to indicate document edits; to mark a span of text as having been removed from a document, use <del>...</del>, which is aesthetically similar. This template should be used within one block (paragraph); it should not wrap around multiple paragraphs or even multiple bullet points, and it does not appear(?) to be able to wrap [external links] either. See the example below for wrapping multiple bullets.

တူဝ်ယၢင်ႇ မႄးထတ်း

{{strikethrough|HyperText Markup Language}}

HyperText Markup Language

How to wrap a block of text မႄးထတ်း

To wrap text that contains line breaks, use {{Strikethroughdiv}} instead.

* This
* That
* And another thing}}
  • This
  • That
  • And another thing

တူၺ်းပႃး မႄးထတ်း