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Sample color
Some alt
CIE colorspace
Spectral coordinates
Wavelength num - num nm
Frequency num - num THz
Common connotations
Some symbols
About these coordinates     Color coordinates
Hex triplet #0080FF
HSV       (h, s, v) (H°, S%, V%)
HSL (hslH, hslS, hslL) (H°, S%, L%)
sRGBB  (rgb) (0, 128, 255)
CMYKH   (c, m, y, k) (C, M, Y, K)
Source Sample color
Color space Color Space
ISCC–NBS descriptor Some isc name
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)
H: Normalized to [0–100] (hundred)
Some caveat
Some shades of Sample color
Darker sample  
Lighter sample  

Blank template မႄးထတ်း

{{Infobox color
|title      = 
|bgcolor    =
|textcolor  =
|image      =  
|image_size =
|alt        =
|caption    =
|frequency  =
|wavelength =
|symbolism  =
|spelling   =
|hex        =
|sRGB       =
|rgbspace   =
|cmyk=        <!-- Set to 1 to display. -->
|c=|m=|y=|k=  <!-- Give CMYK only when you know what you are doing -- see notes. -->
|source     =
|colorspace =
|isccname   =
|caveat     =
|variations = 
|variation1 =|variation1color=|variation1textcolor=
|variation2 =|variation2color=|variation2textcolor=
|variation3 =|variation3color=|variation3textcolor=
|variation4 =|variation4color=|variation4textcolor=
|variation5 =|variation5color=|variation5textcolor=
|variation6 =|variation6color=|variation6textcolor=
|variation7 =|variation7color=|variation7textcolor=
|variation8 =|variation8color=|variation8textcolor=

Parameters မႄးထတ်း

The following template parameters are supported:

Spectral color parameters (optional)
wavelength The wavelength interval in nm.
frequency The frequency in THz.
Symbolism (optional)
symbolism What the color commonly represents. Multiple lines may be included using <br>
RGB parameters (optional)
r The red coordinate in the RGB space. Enables the display of RGB coordinates.
g The green coordinate in the RGB space.
b The blue coordinate in the RGB space.
hex This parameter is also shown when RGB is specified.
rgbspace (Optional) Specifies the RGB space used. Replaces the default "RGB".
sRGB (Optional) Specifies that the RGB space is sRGB. Overrides rgbspace if used.
CMYK parameters (optional)
cmyk Enable display of CMYK coordinates. The coordinates are otherwise hidden (see Category:Color articles with suppressed CMYK data).
c Cyanic CMYK color space coordinate
m Magenta CMYK color space coordinate
y Yellow CMYK color space coordinate
k Black CMYK color space coordinate
HSV parameters (optional)
h Hue HSV color space coordinate. Enables the display of HSV coordinates.
Use the unit Degree.
If you use other units, see "Conversion of some common angles (For Parameter h (hue))".
s Saturation HSV color space coordinate
v Value HSV color space coordinate
Variation samples (optional)
variations If set include some samples of variations.
variationstitle Used for the title of the variations section, otherwise "Some variations of title" is used.
variationN Name of the Nth variation, where N is between 1 and 8.
variationNcolor Color used for variationN, defaults to the web color of the same name.
Other parameters
bgcolor (Optional) Color in hex format used for background behind the name of the color. Defaults to value specified by the hex parameter.
caption (Optional) Appears under image, if specified.
caveat (Optional) Additional text to display at the bottom of the infobox.
colorspace (Optional) Colorspace of this color.
hex Color in hex format, also used as default for bgcolor unless present.
image (Optional) Name of an image to display. Do not use wikicode: use the format image=Image:Example.jpg
isccname (Optional) Display ISCC–NBS System of Color Designation color category
nocoords Disable the display of color coordinates if set. Only title and optionally picture, spectral coordinates, symbolism and the caveat will be displayed.
source Source for these color coordinates. See Wikipedia:WikiProject Color/Sources for Color Coordinates.
spelling (Optional) For articles standardised to the British spelling this can be set to "Colour". The word "colour" is case-insensitive.
textcolor (Optional) Colour in which to show the name of the colour. Should be set to white if "hex" is a dark colour, or else not set.
title Name of the color

Conversion of some common angles (For Parameter h (hue)) မႄးထတ်း

Units Values
Turns   0 112 18 16 14 12 34 1
Degrees   30° 45° 60° 90° 180° 270° 360°
Radians 0
Grads 0g 33⅓g 50g 66⅔g 100g 200g 300g 400g

Notes မႄးထတ်း

Color/Colour spelling မႄးထတ်း

For articles standardised to British spelling, add the parameter spelling=Colour. The word "colour" is case-insensitive.

CMYK values မႄးထတ်း

There is no functionality for converting RGB to CMYK because there is no single CMYK color space. Variations in paper and ink processes account for the various combinations of non-invertible matrices and look-up tables used in converting from RGB to CMYK. If you wish to obtain CMYK values for these colors, you will get appropriate conversion values from your graphics application when you define the type of ink and paper you will be printing on.

A CMYK value is meaningful only if you can specify what ink–paper–process standard it is supposed to be used with. If your color article does not specifically concern a quirk in the CMYK process (such as rich black), it's best to leave it unspecified since it does not add additional information.

Because the CMYK data quality is generally awful, the infobox currently adds an additional barrier to its use, requiring a |cmyk=1 to be passed. Articles without this parameter but still providing a CMYK value are sorted into Category:Color articles with suppressed CMYK data. An article should either provide a confident CMYK coordinate with |cmyk=1, or provide none at all. (This parameter was nonfunctional between July 2012 and March 2021, so the backlog might be big.)

တူၺ်းပႃး မႄးထတ်း

Simple colorbox templates to display a sample color:

Template Description Example
{{Color box}} a small color box with black borders and text color      or  ORANGE 
{{Color box striped}} a striped version     
{{RouteBox}} a borderless version with text color and wikilinks  ORANGE 
{{Colorbull}} a colored bullet with wikilinks
{{Legend2}} another borderless version   
{{Color sample}} a small color box with black borders
{{Swatch inline}} orange
{{Background color}} orange
{{Rail color box}} a version with more display options
(part of Module:Adjacent stations)
, လွင်ႈၽိတ်းပိူင်ႈ Lua: expandTemplate: template "San Diego Trolley color" does not exist., etc.
{{Diagonal split color box}} a small color box split diagonally
, etc.
{{Motor type}} A small color box corresponding to the motor type ထႅမ်းပလဵတ်ႉ:Motor type/mild hybrid, etc.