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This citation template can be used to cite references to the BC Geographical Names web service for British Columbia, Canada.


A search engine for BC Geographical Names is available here. The feature number can be found near the end of the URL.

For example, a search for Fairweather Mountain yields the URL: Use the highlighted number as the id for this template.

Parameter Notes
{{cite bcgnis
| id=
| name=
Number form URL
Official name
  • If |name= is not specified, the article name is used. Specifying |name= is recommended since the article name might be need to be disambiguated in the future.
  • Unnamed parameters are allowed, in the form {{cite bcgnis|id|name|access-date}}
  • This template takes all parameters accepted by {{cite web}}, e.g., |access-date=


Used with named parameters:

{{cite bcgnis |id=38638 |name=Fairweather Mountain}}"Fairweather Mountain". BC Geographical Names.  Unknown parameter |entry-url= ignored (help)

Used with unnamed parameters:

{{cite bcgnis |38638 |Fairweather Mountain |2017-06-25}}"Fairweather Mountain". BC Geographical Names.  Unknown parameter |entry-url= ignored (help);